New blog, New Post

Hey all, I hope things are going well. I’m adjusting as I move back into school, starting my PhD in Composition and Cultural Rhetoric. As part of orientation, we had to make a new blog and blog post for our next meeting. So in place of a post here, I figured I would send you a link to my new blog over there.

At this point, the blog is still pretty basic and unfinished. Like an apartment that you might move into as the workers are still finishing up some walls, wiring, and plumbing. Or, like my current life-in-transition. But it is what it is.

I will likely continue to use this blog, but it’ll be more of a personal blog, I’m thinking, and I may use the other for more professional development and class-related content. We shall see.

But in the meantime, here is the link, and I hope you have a nice day.


2 thoughts on “New blog, New Post

  1. Sucked me right in. I can’t trade quotes with you, but I can and do have observations to make, the primary one being that I’m always dubious about reductionism. It can be a useful tool in re-imagining a phenomenon, but too many people take the reduction and run with it, simply because life is easier with fewer variables. Nice work!

    1. Thanks! And agreed. Reductionism has it’s place. But so often, it simply impoverishes our concepts. A great tool, but like any tool, it has its limits.

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