The Mighty Egyptians

I had some Egyptian wanderlust, and I remembered these beautiful photographs.

Global Sojourns Photography

Egypt-2006-2 There are few places on earth where I feel like I have slipped into a mythical time period, and Egypt is one.  The ancient Egyptians were geniuses, creating some of the greatest marvels of the world.  During my visits, the historical sites were never-ending and always impressive, but what intrigued me most were the people.  Incredibly insightful, and very willing to discuss life, politics and cultural issues over tea. Egypt-2006-3-2   Egypt-2006-2-2 Egypt-2006-4-2 The openness of the people was surprising, and enjoyed talking with them more than I enjoyed the tourist sites (don’t get me wrong, the sites are truly incredible achievements).  Over tea, we could delve into these discussions of politics, history and philosophy, all of which added to the flavor of country and its culture.  The one consistent trait that seeped into every conversation I had with my Egyptian friends, was their great pride in their country and their astute eye…

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6 thoughts on “The Mighty Egyptians

  1. Hi Brett, I had wanted to click “like” on that post, but there’s no option to do so on your page! (I’m very new to blogging, so maybe the “like” option is hidden somewhere unknown to me! BTW I’m an Egyptian-American, so I know the country very well, and, as Dalo 2013 said, the situation is chaotic still, or rather, if not directly chaotic, it’s on-the-brink-of-possible-chaos, in Egyptian there is a saying “life’s in the palm of a ghost”, that’s the essence of it….)

    1. Thanks for your comment salizac, I appreciate it. I know that you mean, to an extent. I have some Egyptian friends who say similar things: a lot of uncertainty and fatigue. I only hope that things do settle down. It’s such a beautiful country with such beautiful people–I wish such beauty could flourish under political equality and peace.

      1. Thanks Brett, that’s what we all hope! (It’s taking too long, kind of waltzing around, two steps forward, one back…) but I believe that what has been unleashed with the revolution of January 2011 will go on, albeit very slowly. You are right, the country would blossom in an atmosphere of justice, at all levels, which, sadly, hasn’t been part of society for as far as anyone can remember. We can’t wait till that happens, eventually.

      2. Yes, I can’t imagine. I hope as well. And I think you’re right: hopefully the spirit of the Jan. 25 Revolution will permeate society to the point that a stronger structure of fairness and freedom become an inevitability.

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