“A Day in the Park”

As an undergrad I had the privilege to be president of a philosophy club. A few months back, one of the members showed me this beautiful comic about questions and answers. To me, it captures some of the spirit that I associate with philosophy: an open mind and a yearning to explore doubt. I actually thought of it this past Sunday.

6 thoughts on ““A Day in the Park”

  1. medieval dad

    Thanks for posting this, Brett.

    At first I was ready to be somewhat dismissive of the comic as another (paradoxical?) argument for uncertainty, or relativism, or what-have-you. Too often, I think, I see people claiming (with great conviction!) that convictions are bad or dangerous, when really I take it that they’re just saying someone *else’s* convictions are [fill in the blank].

    But there’s a great attitude to this, especially that last couple of panels. What a worthy outlook to try and cultivate!

    1. Yes, I felt the same way entirely.The story somehow has the ability to sidestep the usual pitfalls, like a self-assured relativity. I think that’s why I like it so much. It keeps the better part of that care, self-reflection, and doubt without the nasty baggage.

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