20 Things for 2020

The podcast Happier Podcast hosted by author and self-help guru Gretchen Rubin and her sister Elizabeth Craft, a television producer, has a tradition around New Years to have a collection of goals, resolutions, hopes, etc., equal to the number at the latter half of the year (so 18 goals for 2018, 19 goals for 2019, and so on).

That obviously makes 2020 the year of twenty things.

And as this is the time of year when resolutions tend to stall or stymie, I wanted to revisit the twenty things I was hoping to work on this year. My 20 things for 2020.

The podcast also has a tradition of having a particular word or phrase that becomes a mantra or encompassing focus for the year, ranging from more general words like “lighter” (encompassing both a de-cluttering aspect and a more emotional, personal lightening) to “infrastructure” (building systems and networks for personal and professional development).

One of the things I like about these traditions is that they offer a range of potential things to keep in mind and/or strive for. Sometimes a single resolution can offer a concrete, singular focus, making it an effective tool, but it can also become a tiring chore that you end up fixating on.

Conversely, a spread of goals lets you pick some of the more traditional fare while including more fun, quick-and-easy, or experimental ideas for the new year. And, the word or phrase can provide a focus so the whole thing doesn’t become a grab bag.

Also, I appreciate that some can be very specific, quantifiable, and task-oriented, and others can be a bit more vague or exploratory. Again, I think this range can provide variation and momentum.

And finally, one can pair or group goals, helping them work together. For example, an exercise aspiration can pair with a social one.

So, in no particular order, here are my 20.

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